The Basic Version of our Subject Area Project is due for completion before January 1, 2015! At that time, you'll be able to gain access to very helpful lists of nearly 2,400 homeschool-oriented resources divided by subject area.


Our subscription fee will be very reasonable. And each Basic Version subscriber will gain automatic access to the Deluxe Version when it becomes available - at no additional cost. Additionally, our Common Core Project will remain free to all.


Watch here and on our Facebook page for launch day!

The Homeschool Resource Roadmap is a work in progress, but it's "open for business" during construction! When fully functional, The Roadmap will provide current and prospective homeschooling parents with summative information about more than 2,300 homeschool-oriented resources. In the process, we hope to encourage and equip homeschooling parents as they disciple and educate their children.


To access partial information for each resource now, please check out our Common Core Project page, the endeavor that launched our research project back in March, 2013.

Our Common Core Project (formerly known as The Educational Freedom Coalition Database) celebrated its first birthday on March 8, 2014. TEFC Forum and CHO member Laurie Smith Race and her family created this cake to commemorate the occasion.
While my research is a gift to the homeschool community, it does take many hours of my time, and I've incurred web hosting and printing costs as well. I am grateful for any donations that might help to offset some of my expenses.
GHC Registration The Homeschool Resource Roadmap's coordinator, Tina Hollenbeck, will be a featured speaker at the 2015 Great Homeschool Conventions.

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Interested in discussing a wide variety of homeschool-related topics with other passionate homeschooling parents? Check out THE CHRISTIAN HOMESCHOOL OASIS (CHO), the new home of the Facebook group born in conjunction with this database project in March, 2013.


We were very excited to win The Homeschool Post's contest! Thank you to all who supported us with your votes.

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